IBM Watson Group launches bot aimed at improving holiday shopping

On Monday, IBM Watson group announced the launch of the Experiential List Formulator inside the largest retailer in the country, Mall of America, reported VentureBeat.

By signing on to the website of the mall or Facebook Messenger, consumers can access the pilot program to get assistance in navigating the more than 500 stores. The bot, powered by artificial intelligence, can better help shoppers manage their time during the busy holiday season.

"E.L.F. may ask guests how much time they have to spend at Mall of America or what types of things they like to do, in order to deliver customized shopping suggestions," an IBM spokesperson told the source via email.

Mall of America is not the first venue to provide shopping assistance to customers through artificial intelligence.

In July of this year, IBM Watson and Satisfy also introduced Macy's On Call for the large department store chain. The mobile tool powered by artificial intelligence enables Macy's customers to find the answers to questions they would normally ask a human representative at the store. It can help them find where an item is located or what is in stock based on the store they are in.

Mall of America gets a boost this holiday season with E.L.F.