Illinois to get tech job boost

Nokia, a technology firm known for its mobile phone production, will be moving one of its primary network offices to Chicago, Illinois within the coming year, according to the Chicago Tribune. The move signals a change in corporate ideas and ambitions, as well as an opportunity for those in the metro area to get a position in the IT industry.

The source reported that Nokia will begin the transition by the end of 2012, moving 150 current workers to the new facility and hiring 100 more employees. These staff members will be part of the company's new Location and Commerce department, tasked with maintaining Nokia's intricate mapping and navigation system specific to the organization. The Chicago Sun-Times wrote that the business will also be looking for developers and software architects, potentially expanding the scope of its currently systems offerings.

Reports have shown that IT hiring is set to remain strong through the beginning of next year, with positions in this field showing resilience even as other industries continue to falter in the midst of the U.S. economic recovery. Information Management reported that last quarter's hiring statistics for IT personnel were among the only job figures to increase during that period.