India's healthcare industry sees high growth in contrast to general economy

Businesses continue to expand throughout India, leading to major growth in the region's healthcare fields even in the face of declines in other industries.

In the country's pharmaceutical sector, India saw hiring grow an estimated 24 percent in 2013, according to the New Indian Express. Further expansion is not out of the question, experts in the industry added.

The news source also states that the Indian industry should reach the top 10 global markets in value by the end of the decade, with an expected compounded annual growth rate of more than 15 percent in the past five years.

Additional sources surveyed by the company aren't quite as bullish about the industry's hopes, but did say that they expect growth to be between 12 and 14 percent in the current fiscal year with further expansion still to come.

These trends come in the light of overall job opportunities dropping throughout the country, according to the Hindu Business Line. While the country's Employment Index has declined by 9 percent in the past year, hiring of healthcare processionals has held steady, even rising by 7 percent. Further signs of hope were seen in the industry's online recruitment activity, which saw healthcare rise 4 percent in 2013.