Instagram unveils disappearing live video messaging

On Monday, social media photo-sharing platform Instagram rolled out a new live streaming feature that is similar to offerings from many other networks in the space, reported Forbes.

The new tool will be available through "Instagram Stories," a feature that was unveiled back in August. Users can now broadcast video to their story in real-time for their followers to watch. They can also tune into the live stream of their followers, as long they are currently playing. Unlike social media platform Snapchat, these live streams on Instagram cannot be replayed.

"Instagram is going from a place to share highlights to a place where you can share all of the moments of your day in a pressure-free space," said Kevin Weil, head of product at Instagram, in an interview with Forbes. "Now we're launching live video in Instagram Stories and a totally new Instagram Direct. They're both about being about to share the moments of your day with exactly the audience you want to share with."

A second new feature of the app will be available via its messaging service, Instagram Direct, according to TechCrunch. Instagram users will have the option of sending temporary videos and photos directly to specific users or groups that will then disappear.

Recipients can only watch these twice before they are gone.

Up to one hour of streaming will be available at a time for Instagram users once they open the camera and click the "Start Live Video" button, according to Forbes.

Instagram has launched two new video sharing features.