Ireland to see heavy tech job growth over next years

Technology is set to create a hiring boom throughout Ireland, with small tech firms expected to create as many as 2,000 immediate jobs and long-term growth over the next five years holding the potential for almost 43,000 more.

According to Reuters, Ireland's investment agency recently announced nine different companies are expected to make new hires in the country with up to 2,000 jobs at stake. Many of the jobs in question have been brought to the country not because of its low tax rate, but the high quality of its workforce. One manager of a team with the goal of attracting start-ups to the region said that the positions should be created over the next two to three years.

The nine firms have announced 330 job openings so far, but 70 companies in total have signed up to bring jobs to the region in total.

In addition, according to the Irish Times, growth demand is expected to rise 5 percent every year through 2018. That may lead to as many as 44,500 new positions being added in that time. The challenge in the local industry comes from matching Ireland's demand for people with information and communication technology skills with an adequate and prepared workforce.