Israeli tech jobs offered at specific firms

Israel is known for its frequent turmoil, but it is also a hub of technological innovations. While some organizations in the country are in the midst of economic struggles and layoffs, a number of leading brands are looking to hire dozens of workers or more.

Haaretz wrote that Ness Technologies, an IT hardware and communications firm, is adding more than 400 people to its roster by the end of 2013. Other companies in the same line of business include Sapiens, which is hiring 50 personnel, Perfecto Mobile and Click, both of which want 20 to 50 employees each.

"We're not feeling anything like a crisis in our sector," said HR leader Udi Itzhayek of tech security firm Imperva.

The flurry of jobs comes at a time when the economy is slipping in many ways, The Jerusalem Post reported. There are fears that the standard of living is falling nationally as employment drops, but there may be more changes coming in the country's sociopolitical future if the technology industry remains strong.