IT sector adding many jobs

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with information technology (IT) skills have been getting hired at a rapid rate.

The agency reported that in July, there were 20,400 positions filled across a number of IT industries. Specifically, there were 10,400 jobs added in the computer system design field, 7,000 in telecommunications and 1,900 positions filled in the hosting, data processing and similar fields.

Industry experts say that the figures mean those with IT skills would find number of opportunities for employment.  

“This looks like a marked improvement in the job prospects for IT professionals,” said Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates. "There still is an issue with the fall in the percentage of individuals looking for work; however, we see more CIOs looking to reduce their expenses by replacing consultants and contractors with full-time employees.”

In one recent example, those with the right technology skills are being sought by Chicago-based Braintree, which is looking for 150 new engineers for its credit card-related program.

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