Korean jobs going to overseas candidates

As the world economy continues to slowly move toward recovery, more entities are looking for ways to increase their budgets and bring in more revenue. One strategy working for Korean entities is to hire foreign workers to stimulate their current talent pools.

TechCrunch wrote that major consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung is looking to hire U.S.-educated personnel with postgraduate degrees in science and engineering. The company is looking to increase its standing as a key player in more than just televisions computers and mobile devices - Samsung makes everything from refrigerators to tanks, the source pointed out, and is interested in further diversifying its portfolios.

The Korea Times reported that there has been no official announcement as to how many candidates the company will actually hire, but with a number of global locations and a growing share of the international tech market, it is more important than ever that the business have well-trained staff on the payroll. Bringing in U.S.-trained applicants is a new move for the entity, but with limited talent to pick from on a domestic level, reaching out to known sources of candidates with the proper skills and education could be a fitting solution.