Many firms face IT troubles around the world

A skills shortage in Asia has reportedly led to difficulties for many people looking to increase their IT consulting hiring.

According to ZDNet Asia, a number of firms in Singapore, Hong Kong and China said in survey responses that they have been having difficulties finding qualified candidates. This is particularly true in Singapore where 82 percent of the businesses polled by Hudson, a recruitment agency, said that they were encountering a skills shortage in job candidates.

This was compared to 69 percent of businesses who responded this way in Hong Kong and 62 percent in China.

In addition, the survey, which polled executives at multinational corporations in the three areas, found that the retention of staff, particularly those in IT consulting, has been a major problem.

IT problems have also plagued a number of companies in the U.S. as technology failure was one of the top threats to businesses, according to Aon's 2011 Global Risk Management Survey.

"Throughout the economic recession, many organizations pulled in their oars – tabling research and development projects, decreasing spending on information technology and freezing hiring," said Constantin Beier, an Aon executive.