Middle Eastern nation looking for doctors

Iraq has been recovering from military and economic struggles for more than a decade, but the country's demand for medical personnel has never wavered. Having diminished the nation's internal supply of doctors and nurses and exhausted the national hiring pool, medical facilities are now looking outside to attract new talent.

ABS-CBN News wrote that Iraqi hospitals and healthcare practices want to fill 2,000 open positions by the end of 2013 and are specifically targeting students and job seekers in the Philippines. Nurses and doctors are in high demand, and the Iraqi prime minister recently met with the Health Secretary of the Philippines to ask permission to hire as many practitioners as possible. The country has been a site of major strife over the last few years, and this has made outside practitioners wary of simply traveling there, let alone staying for employment reasons.

Americans interested in these positions may still apply, as the United States government continues to try and aid the nation with its recovery. In the past, the Iraqi Provisional Authority has helped locate interested U.S. civilians in many fields to assist with getting medical attention to those who need it most.