Nashville named one of the country's hottest cities

Nashville, Tennessee, was recently named one of Business Insider's "15 Hottest U.S. Cities." This is not only due to its vibrant culture and exciting nightlife, but for its increasingly positive job market

According to the article, the Southern city is currently the second most popular destination for recent college graduates. This is most likely due to the steady increase the area has seen in its main industries, like the automotive and health care sectors. 

A report issued by Business Climate noted that the Nashville area is home to 30,000 positions in the automotive industry. Big names like Nissan and General Motors are mostly responsible for this high number - both companies call the city home. Their success in the area has caused a positive ripple effect, reported Business Climate. Once they started to have success, smaller businesses such as Unipres, which creates auto parts, began to expand, adding much-welcome jobs to the region. The brand recently added 200 jobs to its local plant, while similar manufacturer Calsonic Kansei North America increased its Nashville workforce by 180. 

Health care 
Business Climate reported that in addition to the region's booming transportation industry, the health care sector has taken off exponentially. It is the area's top industry, with over 300 companies calling the city home. These organizations are thriving with their headquarters in the greater Nashville area. Together, the institutions based in Middle Tennessee provide over 430,000 jobs and $80 billion worldwide. Some of the most prominent businesses in the area include HCA, Community Health Systems and BioMimetic Therapeutics. 

"Nashville-based companies have been involved in many of the largest leveraged buyouts and merger/acquisition transactions in health care in the United States," said Caroline Young, president of the Nashville Health Care Council, to Business Climate. 

Business Insider noted that these prominent medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies are a huge draw for recent graduates, contributing to Nashville's growing population of young professionals. 

Tourism also on the rise 
In addition to the automotive and health care sectors, tourism has increased for Nashville, mostly due to the popular television series of the same name, reported Business Insider. Last year the area welcomed almost 12 million guests. Business Climate reported that this number is expected to grow by at least 10 percent over the next two years. Updates are being made at various attractions, like the zoo, to encourage even more visitors.