New electrical jobs could help Middle East economy

In the Middle East, innovative electrical jobs could provide a boost to the local economy in the near future. According to The Irish News, a Northern Ireland firm has begun searching for talented electrical professionals to add to its team in the Middle East. The company intends to create a three-year apprenticeship program which could provide new employment opportunities to electrical specialists in the region.

"It is important that we continue to build strong economic relationships with trading partners in international markets," Arlene Foster, the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister for Northern Ireland, told the news source. 

Expat Forum notes that a recent survey of employers in the Middle East showed that roughly 30 percent of these firms are currently hiring. Additionally, 27 percent of study respondents noted that they were likely to increase their work teams in the Middle East in the next three months. 

Finding the right personnel can make immediate differences within businesses around the globe. If more companies pursue electrical specialists and other talented professionals for roles in the Middle East, the region's economy could expand quickly. 

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