New medical device incubator expected to create life science jobs in Illinois

A new bioscience incubator will open in Peoria, Illinois, with the hopes of creating new jobs in the life sciences and medical device industries. The plans to finalize the project come after a new report found hiring in the global healthcare sector was down during the third quarter of 2011.

In Peoria, the Economic Development Services Department (EDS) is working with BioAccel on the launch of the new incubator that will serve the medical device community, according to the Peoria Times.

City officials said the partnership will provide a first class bioscience platform for the research and development of new medical products.

Meanwhile, a new report by ZRG Partners found a more than 17 percent decrease in overall lifesciences and healthcare hiring in the third quarter of this year worldwide.

According to the GLSI index, only Asia Pacific posted job growth with a 3.1 percent increase in medical and healthcare positions during the same time. Europe and the Americans both posted drops of more than 20 percent in the number of new employees added last quarter.

The report found that the losses were broad across regions and sectors, with manufacturing jobs suffering a 34 percent decrease globally.