Pittsburgh's recycling program could create new jobs for electronics industry professionals

Electronics recycling enables people to safely remove state-of-the-art products from their businesses and homes, and more professionals could pursue career opportunities in this field. In fact, many cities and towns are exploring options to improve their electronics recycling strategies, which could help draw skilled experts to the industry. 

According to The Sun-Gazette, a Pittsburgh recycling company and officials in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, reached terms on an agreement to construct a world-class electronics recycling program. The firm will receive 27 tons of electronic gadgets that will be safely recycled to create job opportunities in the county. 

"Electronics recycling has been a big hit," county recycling coordinator Jason Yorks told the news source.

Schrader Electronics also announced plans to invest in its Springfield, Tennessee, facility. The Nashville Business Journal reports that the company will spend $10 million to bring more jobs to the city. 

Springfield official Margot Fosnes noted that Schrader Electronics has been instrumental in helping the city's economy over the past few years. The recent investment could further assist Springfield residents, as more positions could become available to electronics industry specialists in the near future. 

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