Real estate hiring leaps in New York City, other regions see related growth

As the housing market slowly recovers in many areas of the country, hiring throughout the real estate market is beginning to gain traction in some areas of the country, helping to create jobs in areas including New York City and North Carolina.

Real estate jobs jumped nearly 3 percent in July compared to one year ago, with at least 3,400 jobs added in the past year, according to the Wall Street Journal. This growth means the city is close to meeting its June 2008 peak. Real-estate broker job growth's growth of 5 percent during the period is a big reason for growth in the industry in both residential and commercial departments. Brokerages are adding staff to keep up with public demand for rentals and condominiums, in particular.

Real estate job growth isn't just limited to the Big Apple, either. Recovering from an especially hard fall in 2008, the real estate market in Charlotte is currently booming, and could result in additional growth in related fields, according to CBS WBTV. Construction recovery, on top of increased house demand, has fueled not only a home-building comeback but increased demand for positions in all aspects of home construction.