Residential construction industry trending upward across North America

Residential construction hiring appears to be picking up as spending in the sector recently increased.

The Commerce Department announced that construction spending went up 1.4 percent in March, representing the largest month-to-month increase since April 2010, reports The Associated Press. According to the news source, the rise was partly due to an increase in home improvement projects.

Economist at RDQ Economics John Ryding said in a note to clients that construction in the first quarter of 2011 was adversely affected by weather.

"The rebound in construction spending in March provides further evidence that construction activity was held back early in the first quarter by the weather," he stated, reports the news source.

Some economists say that it could take four years for the construction industry to fully recover from the recession.

Residential construction hiring appears to be increasing in Canada as well. Northern Life reports that the construction industry in Sudbury, Ontario, expects to 2011 to be strong.

"The year is shaping up reasonably well," Guido Mazza, the city's director of building services and chief building official, told the news source.