Residential construction numbers vary across country

While the nation has been in the midst of a three-year recession, the residential housing market has suffered alongside many other industries. This trend has continued in some areas, but other regions have seen significant growth.

Permits for new housing in Connecticut rose sharply for the month of June, showing a possible reversal of the market. This marked the first monthly year-over-year gain this year for new construction, according to the Hartford Courant.

Towns and cities within the state issue 391 new permits for single-family houses, condominiums and apartments in June, a rise of nearly 60 percent compared with the numbers for 2010, the news source reported.

Connecticut was not the only state to reverse losses in the residential housing market, as Minnesota was able to withstand a government shutdown and report positive building data, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Despite the state of the government and the general fears that consumers have at this juncture, there was a significant investment in the construction of new homes for Minnesota, the news source reported.