RN employment demand varies throughout North America

Professionals searching for employment may find that the demand for their skills varies, depending primarily on location. One field in which a number of individuals may be discovering inconsistencies in job opportunities is nursing. Although nurses throughout the U.S. are expected to have little trouble with landing a position, those who live north of the border could face more of a challenge.

Despite employment troubles plaguing other American industries, individuals looking for nursing work may have better chances of securing a job. Forbes explained that there are currently 186,625 employment postings for work available to registered nurses.

Hiring growth in this occupation is mainly due to baby boomers growing older. As such a significant proportion of the country's population ages, they will require greater health care services. In turn, physicians and medical care providers will need RNs.

Regardless of this surge in RN employment throughout the U.S., the number of Canadian positions available in this field may be declining. Global News reported that the Alberta NDP has announced that it believes the province's Health Services has plans to slash more than 117 full-time nursing positions.

This allegation was made after the NDP stated having found certain AHS documents. The AHS refutes this claim, stating that the organization is merely hoping to reorganize the current job structure. Though the actual plans remain unclear, Alberta RNs are on edge.