San Francisco, New York and Seattle all see great improvement in tech jobs

San Francisco remains king for tech jobs with New York standing in second place, while growth remains high farther north on the Pacific coast as well.

Out of the entire country, San Francisco saw the most tech job growth in the last five years, rising 51.8 percent from 2007 to 2012 according to the San Francisco Business Journal. After San Francisco, the next two highest regions were Brooklyn, New York and Wake County, Florida, though both saw expansion at comparatively low 21 and 18.2 percent rates, respectively.

The tech boom has helped New York expand its private sector employment by 4 percent in the same time period, in contrast to national private sector employment falling 3 percent in the time period.

In a related situation, while California's unemployment rate stands at 8.9 percent, tech job growth in San Francisco helped the city drive its own rate down to 5.6 percent in August, even further down from its total of 6 percent in July.

Farther north along the west coast, Seattle is also seeing positive results in its growth. Ads for tech jobs rose 7 percent in August, with more than 31,000 jobs advertised, according to Staffing Industry. That represents a spike of more than 160 percent in the last four years.