Saudi demand for medical staff rising


For those seeking employment in the Middle East, there is a definite call for medical personnel in Saudi Arabia. A recent hiring ban has been lifted, allowing non-native workers to once again enter the country with the express purpose of seeking employment.

The Ministry of Health is currently seeking over 500 trained and talented professionals to fill vacancies. According to the Philippine Information Agency, staff nurses and respiratory therapists will be offered a base salary with the promise of at least four years of employment. The source reported, however, that only women need apply - of the 500 nursing and 20 therapist positions currently available, the Ministry is only interested in hiring female candidates.

For men looking to get hired in Saudi Arabia, the general hiring ban is no longer under effect, but Tempo reported they will simply have to look in other sectors. Fortunately, after a drought of talent in the hiring pool, the source stated that many positions are in high demand. International recruiting will likely resume soon, but in the meantime, interested applicants are encouraged to find and inquire about positions of their own volition.

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