Several hundred manufacturing jobs to be formed in the South

Manufacturing in the southern part of the country continues to make a comeback as new expansions of business in South Carolina and Kentucky aim to open as many as 783 jobs to the public.

Flat-screen television manufacturer Element Electronics recently announced they will soon open a new production plant in South Carolina's Fairfield County will create 500 jobs, according to The State. The move will bring back jobs that were formerly outsourced to China, expanding a push to return manufacturing to the United States.

Jobs will mostly be focused on assembly lines creating the televisions, paying $12.50 per hour as a starting wage. Element's hiring shift is likely to help further reduce the area's high unemployment rate, which hovered around 9 percent in July. 

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, PTC Seamless Tube Corp., a manufacturer of seamless steel tubes that are used to transport chemicals and materials in the energy industry, plans to create as many as 283 jobs, according to NBC WPSD. The company plans to establish a facility in the same location where parent companies formerly operated facilities. Their new jobs will be part of an investment of more than $100 million by the company.