Several U.S. chemical producers expand operations

In Orangeburg County, South Carolina, a chemical producer is bringing new jobs to the area over the next five years. According to WCSC, the Albemarle Corporation, a company that specializes in chemical development, is investing $65 million to improve its existing operations.

The expansion will consist of four projects, including the construction of high-quality facilities and the hiring of new employees. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley noted that the Albermarle Corporation's growth could have far-reaching effects on the county's residents.

"Expansions like this create new jobs in our communities...[and] also show companies that South Carolina is a place where they can succeed," Haley told the news source.

Citizens in Gaffney, South Carolina, have also seen more opportunities become available with chemical production firms recently. WSPA-TV reports that Royce Associates will construct a 48,000-square-foot chemical development plant in the city.

Company president A.J. Royce said that the plant will begin hiring immediately and could significantly impact the local economy over the next few years. He noted that the business is investing $1 million in the facility. 

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