Signs of job growth in United Arab Emirates becoming more evident

Jobs in the United Arab Emirates have seen consistent growth amid increases in overall openings in recent months, indicative of a sustained boom in hiring.

Job opportunities have increased 6 percent in the region over the past year, according to Emirates 24/7, with the overall hiring picture showing positive signs. Recruiting activity grew by about 500 total open positions in the professional jobs market, while the number of those looking for new positions also grew by about 850. Both increases are signs of continued positive growth overall throughout the country's market.

Construction has been cited as a high point for the country's employment levels, as development projects previously pushed off during poor economic times are now back on track. Healthcare, hospitality and education have also shown growth.

In line with the educational growth, almost 700 new jobs are in the pipeline from the Abu Dhabi Education Council for school bus supervisory positions as buses continue to serve new, growing areas in the region, according to The National.

The council is expected to create 678 total jobs in an attempt to employ more Emirates nationals.