Six Tips to Optimize Your Resume

by Kim Issacs

Has your resume been generating calls for interviews, or does it seem lost in the crowd? Follow these six tips to supercharge your resume:

  1. Renew Often
    One of the most popular ways hiring managers search resumes is by the date they were posted. Keep your resume updated in the system by renewing it at least once every 30 days.
  2. Target Your Resume Title
    The Resume Title is one of the most important sections of the Resume Builder. When hiring managers search for resumes, they often look at the title first to decide whether to view a resume. It's best to include the specific job title you're pursuing, along with a brief description of your top credentials. Choose your words carefully as you have a 70-character limit. Examples of good title:
    • Network Administrator - CNA Specializing in NetWare - 5 Years' Experience
    • Technical Sales Representative - Maximizing Sales for the Technology Industry
    • Secretary/Administrative Assistant with 10 Years' Experience
  3. Maximize Your Keywords
    One of the best ways to increase the number of hits your resume receives is to include an abundance of industry keywords. Do some research on keywords that might be used to find someone with your talents. Search jobs to get an idea of what credentials hiring managers value. Then look for places in your resume where you could incorporate these keywords. The Skills section is a great place to include keywords that don't appear elsewhere in the document.
  4. Show You Care About Employers' Needs
    If you have outlined your wants and needs, revise your career objective to show the benefits you offer potential employers. Consider these before-and-after ideal job descriptions:
    • Before: A challenging position with a large firm that offers great pay/benefits, flextime and a comfortable working environment.
    • After: Customer service or front-desk position providing world-class service to international guests.
  5. Proofread
    Employers are immediately turned off by resumes with typos. Many employers will discard a resume that contains even one error, so thoroughly proofread your Monster resume. Email it to yourself and open the file in a program with good spell-check capabilities. Then show your resume to a writer, teacher or colleague with excellent proofreading skills to make sure it is perfect.
  6. Invest in Your Resume
    Yes, spending a little money on your resume can improve it. One of the benefits of these services is that your resume is featured with graphical enhancements, including bold type and industry icons.

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