Skilled Pharmaceutical engineers needed in India

Job seekers who want to advance their careers in biotechnology or pharmaceutical engineering may want to take advantage of the resources available to them. The Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is holding an informational seminar on April 10, 2012, to help professionals gain insight into the evolving field.

The seminar is meant to provide people with opportunities to develop their technical knowledge, exchange practical experience within their community, enhance their skills and collaborate with agencies.

After attending the event, job seekers may be more prepared to compete for jobs in the pharmaceutical sector, which are very much in demand. Recently, India's Biocon opened a new biologics R&D complex that will host a multidisciplinary group of approximately 300 scientists, FierceBiotech reports. The goal of the project is to develop a new generation of affordable biologics.

Bicon has experienced setbacks in drug development over the past few years, but in 2012, the company has its sights on expanding into innovative therapies.

Job seekers with the proper skills to affect the pharmaceutical industry positively may want to apply to become part of the new Biocon project. With the right experience and drive, these professionals could help revolutions medicine for years to come through collaborative efforts in the Indian lab.