States invest in creating sustainable automotive jobs

Automakers have reported immense success in the first quarter of 2014, with several of the nation's leading manufacturers opening new facilities and branching into different states. As these facilities continue to meet rising demand by building more vehicles, the number of people employed in this industry is set to rise as well. 

Individuals working in the automotive sector are employed in a variety of professions, from retail and sales to manufacturing and distribution. Although corporations continue to open new factories and increase production across the nation, a recently released study from the Detroit Regional Chamber's MICHauto revealed that the industry must overcome a number of obstacles to continue its growth through the year.

Survey finds young workers not drawn to auto industry
The Detroit Regional Chamber conducted a survey through its MICHauto program, interviewing influential executives and stakeholders among some of the country's leading auto companies. According to the results, these corporations have placed talent acquisition as their top priority moving forward, as without knowledgeable and skilled workers, the industry would not perform as well. 

Although officials recognize the need for attracting these individuals, they also found that the majority of young workers were not interested in joining this particular field, something that Glenn Stevens, the vice president of MICHauto and Strategic Development, attributed to lack of proper knowledge.

"This study makes it clear that the automotive community needs to increase awareness efforts and help dispel misconceptions about the industry," Stevens said, as quoted by a press release from the Detroit Regional Chamber. "A critical finding in this survey is that those who influence our future workforce's career decisions need more insight into the rewarding careers in automotive. This group extends well beyond education professionals, including parents and youth leaders." 

Michigan and Mississippi welcome auto manufacturers
As more executives learn the importance of attracting youthful employees, certain companies continue to expand their operations. MLive reported that the Michigan Economic Development Corp. would be investing more than $50 million in a new 400,000-square-foot facility in Metro Detroit, an effort that may create up to 450 new positions. The funds would go to Challenge Manufacturing Co., which will continue to develop industrial parts for use in automobiles.]

Nissan announced that it would also be expanding its business in Mississippi, adding 500 new jobs to its plant in Canton. The company made this effort to increase support for the development of the 2015 Nissan Murano, a new vehicle offered by the brand.