Surgeon tops list of highest paying jobs in 2016

Surgeon is the highest paying job in 2016, according to a report from CareerCast. 

The position garnered an aggregated median income of $357,192 this year, with a growth outlook of 14 percent, according to the report, which ranked the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2016. 

In a survey conducted by Medscape, surgeons working in office-based multi-speciality group practices were found to have the highest income, followed by those working in healthcare organizations and office-based single-speciality group practices. Some 66 percent of dermatology surgeons felt that they were fairly compensated, the highest of any specialization, while urology surgeons had the smallest share of those who felt fairly compensated. Dermatology surgeons also had the highest percentage of respondents who were satisfied with their career, at 65 percent.

Following surgeon in the CareerCast ranking was psychiatrist, earning an annual median salary of $207,153, and military general, receiving an annual median salary of $205,144. Also making the top 10 were data scientist and petroleum engineer, both of which CareerCast recognized for their high growth outlooks. 

The report also analyzed the most stressful jobs of the year, with public relations executive taking the No. 1 spot. 

Surgeon is the highest paying job in 2016, according to a report from CareerCast.