Texas tops in construction employment, three cities place in national top 10

Texas leads the country in construction employment, with three cities ranked in the country's overall top 10.

Texas was the strongest of 37 states that saw construction employment jump between July 2012 and July 2013, according to the San Antonio Business Journal, adding 33,100 jobs. Overall, the construction sector in the state saw a 5.7 percent increase in jobs reported, reaching a new total of 615,900.

While only 18 states saw their monthly employment grow, Texas did not see growth between June and July. However, it stands a good chance of hitting its former high of 679,000 with continued growth - only two other states have managed to overcome their previous highs. As of now, Texas' construction employment is 9 percent below where it has been before.

Three of the state's cities rank among the national top 10 for construction employment. Houston was ranked first, adding 13,000 jobs, while Dallas had 6,300 added for seventh place and Fort Worth's 5,300 placed the city in 10th place overall, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Overall, 201 of 339 metro areas in the United States added construction jobs in the last year, while 90 saw dips in employment.