Thousands of finance jobs spared in New York, to rise in Texas

Despite recent global financial problems, there may be signs of the steadier times for the sector as two companies commit to job retention and creation in New York and Texas.

In New York, it appears as if thousands of banking jobs will be spared after First Niagara announced the purchase of almost 200 branches of the London-based HSBC.

WKBW reports that most of the 1,900 employees in those branches are expected to be able to remain on the job. In addition, First Niagara said it will actually be able to hire more than 1,400 additional workers.

The news comes as HSBS announced that it would be cutting its global workforce by 25,000 over the next two years.

In Texas, Governor Rick Perry's office has announced incentives for Office Depot to create more than 200 new finance jobs in the Austin area.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the company had come under fire from Florida officials recently for outsourcing those jobs to India and South America.

Office Depot said it will accept the $300,000 incentive package to set up an inside sales business in Austin that will serve its small business customers.