Turkey's unemployment rate drops (August 2015)

Turkey's unemployment rate fell from 9.6 percent in the March-May period to 9.3 percent in the April-June period.

This is the lowest unemployment rate the nation has seen in 11 months, reported the Daily Sabah. While it is .5 percent higher than May 2014's jobless average, it shows important growth for Turkey's economy.

According to the news source, there were 2.78 million unemployed Turkish residents in April-June 2015. Youth unemployment stood at 17 percent, while non-agricultural joblessness rested at 11.4 percent. The number of employed people expanded by 772,000 compared to last year's number and resulted in nearly 30 million residents being gainfully employed.

The labor force participation rate grew by .5 percent from last year's April-June period to 51.7 percent. Participation among Turkish men remained unchanged at 71.8 percent, while female participation expanded by 1.1 percent to 32.1 percent. Hurriyet Daily News reported that from an industry perspective, most gains were visible in the service sector. Seasonal hiring increases also prompted growth in the tourism and short-term agricultural industries, explained the source. Fields that retained notable losses during this period included construction and long-term agriculture.