Uber is now integrated with Google Maps

When searching Google Maps for an address or destination, users will no longer need to close out of that application to request a ride through Uber. The integration of ride service options directly into the app was announced in a statement from the company Thursday.

According to the company, upon opening the app customers will now see a series of available ride service providers in their given area. Once users click on their ride preference, special offers and promotion codes may appear.

For users who choose Uber, even if they do not have the ride sharing app installed, they can still book instantly from Google Maps without needing to close out of the map page. Uber drivers can still be contacted and tracked through Google Maps, according to the company.

According to Time, the integrated ride-hailing service is not the only update for the navigation platform. The redesign includes a map with a variety of options for travel and commute below.

Amid the competitive industry push for innovation, ease and consumer engagement, Google Maps is among several others intertwining multiple services in one app.

The update is available for both Android and iOS globally. 

Users can now request an Uber ride directly in Google Maps.