U.S. IT employment 'stuck in neutral' in May

IT employment in the U.S. was "stuck in neutral" in May, according to the "IT Employment Tracker" report recently released by CompTIA. 

According to the Tracker, which analyzed employment data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the "other information services" category of IT added jobs in May. This category includes service portals, which added 1,800 positions, and data processing, hosting and related services, which added 1,000 jobs.

Computer and electronic products manufacturing lost 1,700 positions, telecommunications employment declined by 1,100 positions and IT services and custom software design shed 200 positions.

Since January, the IT industry as added 39,500 positions.

 "Demand for software solutions and technology services remains robust across many sectors of the economy," said CompTIA Senior VP for Research and Market Intelligence, Tim Herbert. 

Cybersecurity is one IT-related area facing particular demand. A growing need for skilled talent has led major technology companies to implement cybersecurity training programs. IBM recently announced a "' new collar' cybersecurity workforce strategy," which will be conducted in coordination with the training program Hacker Highschool, along with other educational initiatives, WHIR reported.The strategy is intended to increase the focus on job candidates' skills and experiences, instead of their degrees. 

Since January, the IT industry has added 39,500 positions.