Workers with Java skills sought by technology companies

When it comes to software development, one of the most popular computers languages is Java, first created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems.

According to many technology experts, those who are able to develop programs using this code are regularly in demand thanks to its prevalence on the internet. However, in an interview with, Philadelphia recruiter Dave Fecak stated that some of the biggest names in the insurance industry had not changed their hiring practices in years.

He suggests having a presence in the area to help attract the best talent available. 

"The key for companies that are looking to hire the best engineers is to be involved with the community in some way," he explained. "A job description on a website doesn't do it anymore. You've got to build your brand, as a software development company, to appeal to engineers."

In addition to jobs for those with Java skills, the relatively new social media industry is also fueling job growth in the IT sector. TechCrunch reports that Hootsuite, based in Canada, is looking to hire 24 new workers for a new office in London.

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