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A franchise with MRINetwork gives you the opportunity to step away from the corporate world, and step into a business that has been established for over 50 years. With nearly 400 offices spanning four continents, you are backed by a global Network with the reach and expertise to ensure you can handle any search assignment. 

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Is it time for a change? 

Franchise with MRINetwork, a global leader in executive search & professional recruiting.


"I never thought about getting into recruiting, but when I learned I could jump start my business by working in the industry I already know and love, it was a no-brainer."

Darwin Shurig, Owner

Plainfield, IN

MRINetwork is not your traditional franchise next door!

Some of the areas that make MRINetwork so unique in the franchise world may surprise you:

  • Personal – Each office is individually operated, allowing a unique culture established by you, the franchise owner 
  • Affordable – Low overhead and investment cost
  • Logical – Bring your background & expertise to the table - recruit in the industry that you know best
  • Scalable – you decide how large to grow your business
  • Portable – no territory nor border restrictions
  • Noble – change people's lives and impact the strength of companies
  • Professional – you determine who you want to work with
  • Flexible Create your own vibe and office environment

Does it get much better than that?

Why Recruiting, Why Now?

Hear from some of our franchise owners 

There are many great reasons to own an MRINetwork office, but the numbers have to add up for you. See how some of our owners may be just like you ...

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Darwin ShurigDarwin Shurig, Franchise Owner & President
Shurig Solutions - St. Plainfield, IN

If you asked Darwin a few years ago if he ever thought he would get into recruiting, he would have laughed at you! Now Darwin is leveraging the infrastructure of MRINetwork and building relationships day-in-and-out. After only three years he's now exceeding the goals he had set out for himself and his family. 


"After the companies I ran were sold by the investment banking firms that owned them, my wife, Judy, and I decided that we really wanted to be in business for ourselves rather than work for somebody."

Hal Daugherty, Owner

MRINetwork Dallas-Northwest, TX

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