MRI Manserv

your ideal partner in search

Over 35 years of success because we CARE - for our clients and our candidates.

We are an ideal addition to your internal Talent Acquisition / Human Resources team for the "difficult to solve" "knack nut" search projects. Because we are going to the places where the dragons are, to the places others can't go or don't know.

Our clients know, they can use us for finding the right Experts for the positions they can't fill because we take it further than the others. Over the years we have successfully developed a Methodology which differentiates us from the rest. 

With our expertise, stamina and confidence we can guarantee you, we deliever where the others struggle and fail.

MRI Manserv has been over years one of the most successful offices within the MRINetwork in Europe.

Manserv was founded by John and Ursula Steele after John left Schlumberger Ltd where his last position was Far East Personnel Manager, based in Singapore. Since that time Manserv has established an excellent reputation and experience in executive search and recruitment throughout Europe within the technology, communications, life sciences, manufacturing and energy sectors.

Our Management Team 

  • John Steele
  • Alexander Steele
  • Silvia Seward