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Stryker EMEA


Stryker Corporation created a new EMEA Headquarter in Montreux, Switzerland. MRI Manserv was chosen as a major partner to identify various specialists required for this regional head office. MRI Manserv was chosen because of its proven ability to perform pan European search for med-tech specialists and to identify those specialists who were willing and able to relocate, if necessary, to Switzerland. MRI Manserv recruited specialists in marketing, clinical, legal, training & education and HR at different levels from Switzerland and various European countries. Through this successful partnership MRI Manserv completed various additional local assignments within different European countries identifying local specialists for Stryker.

Recommendation by Director, Human Resources & OD, EMEA at Stryker (reference name is not included because of GDPR business requirements)

“Stryker EMEA reorganized a major department in order to better support its strategic plans. This change generated the creation of various high level positions requiring the best recruitment approach. Our decision, after a thorough selection process, has been to partner with MRI Manserv AG (Wil). During our collaboration we have known MRI, as very professional and service oriented  with assuredly a great talent in finding the most valuable candidates. 

They have a strong knowledge of the international labor market and a real passion to succeed. They have been real business partners for us, coping with our demanding mandates and meeting our deadlines, while sharing the milestones of their searches with us in a very methodical and transparent way. They have delivered the expected results and brought highly talented people within our organization. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank John and his team for their energy, commitment and valuable contribution to our Company and wish them continued success.
I do recommend them to any Company that is looking for a real partner in the recruitment area.”

Medium Sized Orthopaedic company

(several hundred million dollar company, name due to client confidentiality is withheld)


Our client is a European based company in the Orthopaedic business. Their products are mainly in areas of large joint primary/revision, extremities and fixation. The company is medium sized and is competing against the leading companies such as ZimmerBiomet, DepuySynthes, Stryker etc. In the past our client was seen more as a “local” smallish player, less international. To grow internationally they invested heavily in new products and decided to use an international Head Hunting partner to find and attract Orthopeadic industry experts from the leading companies. 

Because of their pan European track record Manserv became their Recruiting Partner. Besides finding suitable candidates who satisfied the demanding profiles and who were willing to leave a leading company to join a medium sized one, there was the challenge that our client had tight salary ranges because of their «Italian salary structures».

MRIManserv has shown that we are very sensitive and supportive in leading candidates through the recruitment process and developing the company "recruitment brand". We have filled roles such as Sales Director Germany, Country Mgr Switzerland, Regional Sales Mgrs & Sales Reps in different countries, Global Business Unit Mgr, Global Product Mgrs, etc with experts from leading Orthopaedic companies. Together with Manserv, our client has, over the years, been able not only to recruit experts they needed but further built their reputation as an attractive employer and a successful orthopaedic company.

Recommendation by Global HR Manager:

“I had my first call with Alex Steele in 2011 and I immediately realized that I found a different service. After 7 years of successful collaboration I can confirm that Manserv is the strongest partner I’ve ever met. The real added value perceived is the understanding of the line Managers and the company culture.
In addition they are very strong also in finding high potential candidates. I found an excellent level of support in each part of the recruitment process. I used their service in several critical roles across Europe and US”