Our Methodology

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Our Search Methodology


Step 1: Planning and Research

We define, together with our client the project scope, create detailed position profiles and outline a search strategy. We research client competitor information, industry resources, confidential referrals, our own extensive candidate database, and our internal MRI and external global contact network. We use modern research tools and databases including candidate data available through internet, company and private websites, blogs etc. to ensure that the search encompasses the broadest pool of potential candidates.

Due to our experience of  35 years we are experts in identifying potential candidates in your market which are not visible in the internet (classical direct search). In this way you are sure that you have the best possible choice of candidates for your position regardless whether they are visible in internet or not.


Step 2: Candidate Contact

Having identified potential candidates we contact them directly and confidentially to test their initial suitability and interest. We represent you, our client, and the opportunity available professionally and in a positive manner, outline the opportunity and develop an overview of the potential candidates experience and suitability. Next, we carefully examine the candidate’s qualifications, experience and personality against the position profile both in terms of “hard” and “soft” skills. Where a strong mutual candidate – client match exists we continue with the recruitment process.


Step 3: Presentation of Candidates

Only top “impact players” are presented to the client – those people who actually impact the future performance of your organization. Detailed feedback from candidate – client interviews are used to further refine the search criteria should this be necessary. Additionally this information from client and candidate is fedback to the parties involved with the object of maximizing the positive outcome of the search. We assist in scheduling and monitoring the interview process until a successful hire. Where requested we can assist in arranging other assessment techniques. In particular we offer the capability of the MRI Productivity Gauge to assess candidates personality traits, often difficult to assess accurately by hiring managers.


Step 4: The Decision and the Offer

You, the client, are ultimately responsible for the hiring decision. We can offer our experience, knowledge of the candidate, insight and counsel to facilitate the offer process. If requested we can act as an intermediary to assist in tailoring the offer to maximize a positive outcome. After acceptance of an offer we assist the candidate with the preparation for his resignation, how to handle any counter offer situations and generally support the candidate in the often uncomfortable period of resignation, working the notice period up to and including his start with his new company.


Step 5:  Settling In

Successful recruitment does not end when an employment contract is signed or even on the first day that a candidate starts his new position. MRI Manserv believes firmly that during the initial “settling in“ period we should be available to both candidate and client to assist should any unforeseen difficulties arise.
A successful recruitment is a triple win situation. The client gains a motivated impact player, the candidate advances his career in line with his personal objectives and MRI Manserv completes another successful assignment thereby increasing our professional reputation.