Ready to experience the power of an MRINetwork® membership? By joining our global family, established direct hire and contract staffing recruiting firms unlock over 50 years of expert advice, training, and access to exclusive privileges and tools.

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Business Services

Don’t do this alone. Lean on MRI to help drive growth and increase revenue. All new members receive an initial business analysis session with one of our tenured strategic business executives – helping new members chart the right course.  Let’s face it, everybody needs a reality check from time to time. Our team resolves issues that hinder success by providing business owners with recommendations based on objective, yet informed, outside perspectives. Focus areas include business planning, process and operations, client management, operational/cultural health, and team effectiveness. We guide members to strong, sustainable businesses by bringing forward best practices, key performance metrics, and team development recommendations.

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing consultants have seen it all, across a variety of industries and functional areas. Contract staffing firm owners look to us to provide specific strategic insight into launching, adding to, or expanding a contract staffing practice. There are many consultants that can provide business strategy, but no one knows the industry like we do. In addition to contract staffing consultation, we offer members a comprehensive suite of back office services, allowing them to focus on helping their performers while creating a predictable, reliable, and profitable revenue stream.

Marketing and Communications

Become associated with a world-recognized brand that has commanded respect over the past five decades. More importantly, members receive marketing and PR consultation, training, and a library of tools and content that generate positive brand recognition at the office level. Gone are the days of a simple, impact player marketing plan. In today’s digital world, the market is over-saturated with ineffective messaging. We can all scream as loud as possible, but if the right people aren’t listening – it doesn’t matter. Plus, nobody likes to be screamed at … Simply put, we help our members cut through the noise and become industry thought leaders as we navigate through today’s complex marketing and communications landscape. 


Learning & Talent Development

Membership opens the door to our vast library of learning and talent development opportunities. We offer a wide range of training programs, practical resources, and organizational development solutions targeted to help owners improve business results. We use a blended approach which leverages various learning methods crafted for today’s adult learners.

Our Advanced Building Skills training program provides opportunities for members to continue to grow their professional skills and focuses on advanced marketing and recruiting, relationship development and management, advanced selling, technology, and business/finance. Through Leadership training, our organizational development consultants partner with business owners to evaluate their organization and talent from a strategic viewpoint. Our CORE Methodology training is a state-of-the-art program which provides internet researchers, project coordinators, account executives, and owners with the skills necessary to develop a productive direct hire and contract staffing recruiting desk.

Members have unrestricted use of “The PATH,” which is MRI’s learning management system, with access to eLearning, microlearning, virtual classroom, live classroom, advanced tools, and turnkey templates to improve their recruiting, marketing, and business results. 


Vendor Discounts

Time and money are two of the most valuable, cherished resources on the planet. We help our members save both. Our massive network allows us to negotiate with vendors to receive heavily discounted products and services. Our vendor program “point person” does the heavy lifting so our members can reap the benefits and focus on running their business. On average, first-year members save $52,000 via our vendor discount program – while some of our top performing offices save almost $225,000 annually.

Meetings & Events; Awards & Recognition

Collaborative learning. Friendly competition. Tropical destinations. Being an MRINetwork member is pretty awesome. Each year, we host multiple meetings and events that gather our network members and explore the newest industry trends, encourage networking among offices, share best practices, and provide training/insights from our internal experts and guest speakers – all while mixing in some fun and creating long-lasting memories.

We honor offices and individuals who are top performers and embody the values of our inclusive, hard-working, family culture. Our monthly, network-wide rankings promote friendly competition while motivating teams to perform at their highest capacity. Firm owners can also incentivize their employees by setting performance goals and sending those who qualify to our Pacesetter Awards Convention, which we host in a beautiful, exotic location each year.


Hardware, software, and digi-techy-internet-stuff can certainly overwhelm and confuse some people. Others get it but don’t have time for it. We believe that managing technology should not take time away from business – and it definitely shouldn’t cause stress. Our Technology Operations team provides members with the tools and direction needed to be successful. Through our comprehensive support, owners can utilize technology to protect and enhance their businesses. Members have access to our preferred technology partners, receive microsite/website analysis, applicant tracking software consultation, job board setup and support, data analysis and employee management through our proprietary technology, and a highly responsive applications support desk that responds to 75 percent of all questions within an hour.

Legal Counsel

Based solely on the cost associated with legal counsel, the mere thought of calling an attorney makes many people cringe. Luckily for MRINetwork members, they can receive professional legal guidance without the hourly fees. That was not a typo. MRI contracts with experienced legal professionals to assist our members in navigating general legalities involving human resources and business operations, such as EEO, non-compete agreements with candidates and employees, hiring and firing, wage and hour, fee agreements, collection, and more. 

Network Members

Access to a global family of unique, experienced recruiters and business owners who have seen it all, done it all, and are ready for what’s next, is an invaluable benefit of being part of MRINetwork. The collaboration that takes place across our network is truly a beautiful thing. Our members work together, supporting one another through good times and bad. They share best practices, experiences, and they bond at network events. Office-lead projects, such as our Owner-To-Owner groups and Certified Professional Programs, reinforce camaraderie and yield increased production for those who participate.

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