Who let the dogs out? We did. But by “dogs,” we mean professional service hounds who always bark up the right tree. Now, enough with the canine puns – let’s get back to consulting…

Through MRIThrive, we proudly offer the following advice to firms outside of MRINetwork® as discrete projects or comprehensive solutions:


Many recruiting firm owners spend so much time working in their businesses that they rarely work on their businesses.  Our consultants have seen it all across a variety of industries and functional areas. They help create vision, identify problems, develop solutions, and introduce new approaches that launch our clients forward.

Every engagement follows our proprietary approach. Conducting a needs assessment is the first thing we do with all clients. It isn’t a sales presentation – it’s an opportunity to learn about our clients’ needs, desires, and goals. This is how we deliver right-fit services every time.

Performance, Organization, and Growth 

Our strategic business executives are the Green Berets of the recruitment industry. Each of them boasts over a decade of recruiting and search industry experience and have provided tactical and operational support to hundreds of firms to promote business growth. They provide deep insight into what is working, what the barriers to growth are, and how the organization is performing in its current state. Problems are identified and opportunities are communicated.  It isn’t always pretty, but all owners get tremendous value through this external perspective and the insights that we provide.

Business Growth Strategy 

There are many consultants that provide business strategy, but no one knows the recruiting industry as well as our Green Ber – strategic business executives. Our familiarity creates efficiency. Since we don’t have to spend time learning how recruiting works, we immediately focus our attention on getting to know our clients as individuals and companies – and we dive into the sectors where they play. Our consultants roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty – creating strategies that are completely customized to produce impactful results. We make recommendations to fix the problems we see, avoid missteps in the future, and leverage the most important resources all recruiting firms have: their people. We identify growth opportunities that clients may not have recognized before and help them understand how to capture them. Most importantly, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions – we identify strategies that are customized based on each client’s unique business.


Culture Assessment

Nobody wants to work for a lame company. Seriously, culture is more important to employees than ever before. That’s why we perform an objective assessment of the organizational culture, via one-to-one conversations with our clients’ employees. We gather feedback on topics including understanding of company mission and vision for the future, leadership perception, clarity of roles and communication, quality of training/resources, and value of rewards.

The MRIThrive culture assessment is ideal for recruiting firms that have:

  • Disconnected and disengaged employees with low productivity and high turnover 
  • Poor ratings on Glassdoor and other review sites 
  • Inconsistent customer experience frequently losing clients/candidates 
  • Difficulty attracting and hiring qualified employees
  • A desire to create a strong, booming, attractive culture that attracts employees and clients

Vision, Mission, & Values

Our team of experts provides consulting and coaching services to guide our clients through a systematic process of defining three important components to their business strategy:

  1. A powerful mission or company purpose, keeping our clients focused on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it 
  2. The core values business owners are most committed to, which define how they carry out their mission and purpose on a day-to-day basis 
  3. A vibrant vision of the future of each client’s company, to keep them inspired and focused on results and impact


Growth in the recruiting industry means that there is more competition than ever before – so differentiation is critical. Our marketing wizards have helped hundreds of firms establish a brand, develop direct marketing strategies, and generate media coverage to digitally amplifying a compelling message. It all begins with a discovery session to understand how our clients are trying to position themselves and what messages they need to communicate. From there, we review the website, social media, digital and print collateral, online reviews, media coverage, and search results. The output is an analysis of what works, what doesn’t, and how a firm can improve its marketing and PR strategy to better support its brand and business development goals. Believe it or not, our marketing wizards don’t rely on a magic wand – just brain power and ample amounts of coffee.


Our contract staffing consultants remind us of cowboys. They ride into town on giant horses and take care of business. We reckon they’ve seen it all and they’ve done it all, across a variety of industries and functional areas. That’s why staffing firm owners look to our team to provide specific strategic insight into launching, adding to, or expanding contract staffing practices. There are many consultants that can provide business strategy, but no one knows the contract staffing rodeo like our team. MRIThrive contract staffing experts bring decades of contingent workforce experience to the forefront and get busy building customized strategies. Giddy up – it’s time to ride with MRIThrive.

We deliver results in a three-phase consulting and implementation methodology:

  1.  Opportunity Discovery. Working face-to-face in an intensive discovery session allows us to get to know an owner’s current business landscape and future aspirations. We identify problems and make recommendations to fix and avoid them in the future. We look at competitors, niche opportunities, and challenges to help analyze the most important resource in a business arsenal: the people and organizational dynamics that drive strategy implementation.
  2. Practical Operations Application. Our consulting engagements result in real plans designed to align with an owner’s vision, mission, and goals. We address targets, design effective sales and marketing strategies, assess the competencies of current people, processes, and workflows. If needed, we recommend a training curriculum for leadership and for the sales and marketing talent that drives profitable revenue growth.
  3. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics. Theory and plans are useless without a firm knowledge and application of the financial and operational metrics that drive results. From revenue and headcount targets, gross margin discipline (both in dollars and in percentages), W2/C2C blends, customer aging, contractor retention, and redeployment rates – there are dozens of financial and business trends that are essential to profitable contract staffing growth. Our consulting project deliverables include a robust scorecard providing a road map to the critical metrics that shape success. Got it?

Let’s discuss business goals, challenges, and how our services can help.

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