Hiring Premiere Talent

Attracting the Best Talent

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Hiring Premiere Talent

At Management Recruiters of North Canton, we are committed to creating exceptional partnerships with our clients that enable us to provide a world-class service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Your search will involve a refined process whereby we dedicate 100% of our Account Executive and Project Coordinator staff’s time to rapidly identify two or three qualified, interested candidates for your specific requirement. The candidates will be represented exclusively to you; they will not be presented to any other client for the duration of your search engagement.

How We Work Together. (It's Your Choice!)

We refer candidates who match your company’s requirements. If you hire someone we’ve presented, our fee is determined by the service you choose us to provide.  During the search if you hire someone through another source, no fee is due.

Hiring An Employee For Your Department

Contingent Search – Don’t Pay Unless We Solve Your Problem

Direct Hire

- Pay our full search fee after hiring a person who we have surfaced and accepts your offer.
- We always guarantee this service.

Contract to Hire

- Establish an evaluation period for both you and the potential hire to get to know each other.
- Pay our search fee on an hour by hour basis.
- Convert contractor to employee at any time during temporary period. Conversion fees may apply
- End evaluation period at any time without penalty.  No advance notice required.

Priority Search

- You determine that your search is of high importance and you want the dedicated efforts of a staff member and/or team and have exclusivity to any candidates surfaced during the recruiting efforts
- Requires a portion of the full fee to be paid at the start of the search


- Our top priority  (We assign a team to this search and they don’t work anything else)
- Select this option for an urgent and critical situation, for an executive level opening, or a situation where you want us to recruit for a set period of time and then present only the top candidates.
- We serve as your company’s directed recruiting resource.
- Fee is determined and customized to fit your company’s specific needs. Generally we require one-third of fee at the start of the search, one-third when the first interviews are scheduled, and the remainder when the hired candidate begins employment.

Hiring A Contractor For Project Work

- No upfront contracts or agreements.
- We reach out to known professional IT contractors and out of work IT professionals willing to work projects and provide them with the details of your need.
- No payroll hassles. We invoice you on a project cost basis or hourly basis.
- No hidden benefit costs.
- No timeframe commitments.
- No conversion fees after 1000 hours on contract (If you decide to hire permanently)

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