Premiere Talent Services

In order to recruit Impact Players, you need to know who they are and where to find them.

If you need people who will transform your company and improve both your Sales and Profits, we will help you Top Grade your staff.

Our process is very simple for surfacing candidates for either permanent or contract opportunities. 

We employ a three-prong strategy for any and all of our searches. This method ensures that we surface qualified candidates as quickly as possible. 

  • We focus our attention on contacting known technical professionals that have the technical experience you require as defined and coded in our database; this database has been built, maintained, and kept accurate each business day for the past 30 yrs.
  • In conjunction with and simultaneously, we will post the job requirements, confidentially, on the internet. 
  • We use our firm website and our corporate network site (

When we speak with potential candidates, we determine their qualifications and experience in comparison to the must have requirements that you, as the client, have defined.  In addition, we will probe concerning recent accomplishments and determine their applicability to your particular requirements. 

If our interview of the candidate determines they are qualified, we share with them the opportunity and determine if they are serious about going forward with providing us with an updated resume and salary/bill rate information. We will then send to you a resume with a short description of why they make sense for you to consider. With this e-mail we will include their salary/bill rate information, so you will know this prior to speaking with them. Our expectation is that we will hear back concerning your interest within 24 hours of sending the resume. We understand that this is sometimes not possible, but our expectation is that 24-hour turnaround is the norm.

Once a person is selected for an interview, all you have to do is advise us of possible dates and we will take care of scheduling everything.  This is where the true value of our service kicks in! Following all interviews, we will speak with the candidates and get their feedback. This usually happens the same day as the interview. 

When we perform the interview de-briefing we will gather “inside information” that we will share with you concerning their hot buttons and what their true impressions are concerning their interest in the position, in accepting an offer, etc. When offer time occurs, we provide you with 2 numbers that we have covered with the candidate; a number they would be happy with and a number they would deem acceptable.  This provides excellent insight into their decision points.  Our clients in the past have commented that this information is very effective in developing an offer that is accepted without reservations.